Selling Process

Selling your property is a major step in anyone life. It can be stressful but it can be smooth. Here is a process to help you make this transaction as smooth as possible.


Understanding the intricacies of Hounslow's dynamic property market involves grasping diverse values influenced by location, nearby amenities, property size, and condition. At Diamond Move Estate Agent, our core objective is two-fold: securing optimal sale prices aligned with the current market and devising effective strategies to achieve your goals as a Hounslow homeowner or buyer.

However, maintaining realism in your approach is paramount.

Today's buyers access a wealth of property insights instantly through smartphones. Overpricing a property risks alienating potential buyers, prompting them to overlook the listing entirely. Similarly, starting with a high price only to later reduce it may convey desperation, potentially leading to lower offers.

Our recommendation? Seek an accurate and sensible Hounslow valuation.

Contact us for a FREE valuation and leverage our extensive industry expertise. We'll provide a realistic sale price, considering Hounslow's current market conditions and property valuations. Our goal is to empower you with informed decisions that optimize your property's sale potential in Hounslow's real estate landscape.

Click here for a FREE Valuation and let Diamond Move Estate Agent navigate you through Hounslow's property market intricacies, providing reliable property valuations and market appraisals.

2Selecting an estate agent

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we believe our business is a people to people business.

Selling your property isn't just a transaction; it's akin to managing a business. Your property is the valuable asset and finding the right "staff" (your agent) is crucial to ensure optimal returns in Hounslow's real estate market.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we're firm believers in fostering genuine connections – it's at the heart of our people-centric approach.

When choosing an agent, consider their "CV" to be their reviews. These testimonials provide insights into how others perceive and rate the agent you're considering to represent your Hounslow property sale.

Explore our Google reviews to gauge our service quality.

Discover how we can assist you in reaching your property selling goals in Hounslow. Click here for a FREE valuation and allow Diamond Move Estate Agent to guide you toward maximizing the potential of your Hounslow property.

3Be legally Compliant.

When selling a property in Hounslow, securing a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is vital. This certification assesses a property's energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Since April 6th, 2012, displaying EPC details has become a legal obligation for most properties in England and Wales.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we're dedicated to assisting Hounslow homeowners in obtaining this essential certificate hassle-free. We collaborate directly with engineers to acquire the EPC at cost price. Whether you prefer to pay us or the engineer directly, the choice is yours, ensuring a seamless process that aligns with your preferences in Hounslow's real estate market.

4Instructing a solicitor (conveyancer)

This phase of the process holds immense significance – it's the legal stage that drives the sale through to completion.

During this crucial step, you'll need to select a conveyancer. Conveyancing involves the legal procedures necessary when buying or selling a home in Hounslow.

Typically, conveyancing services can be provided by either a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. Ensure to inquire about their fees, additional legal costs, and payment schedules.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we provide an approved panel of conveyancers ready to assist if you're yet to select one for your Hounslow property transaction.

5Property Presentation

Optimal presentation is key when selling your Hounslow property.

Creating an immediate allure upon entry is crucial. Start by decluttering your entire home—a simple yet impactful step that emphasizes the available space.

Consider repainting the entire property in light, airy shades, such as white or soft magnolia, to enhance the sense of space and brightness. This can significantly influence potential Hounslow buyers during viewings.

Don't overlook your gardens. Trim, cut, and clear them to showcase this valuable asset at its best.

Prior to each viewing, ensure your property is immaculately clean and tidy. This encourages buyers to envision themselves in the space and aids in their decision-making process.

The aim is to evoke positive feelings during viewings to optimize offers and outcomes.

6Marketing your property

To secure the right buyer, your Hounslow property requires extensive exposure across various media. We offer a range of pivotal marketing benefits aimed at fetching the best possible price for your property.

Gone are the days of relying solely on newspaper ads. In today's digital era, the internet and social media are pivotal. Utilizing these platforms effectively is crucial to showcase your property to potential buyers.

Discover how we leverage online platforms and social media for effective property marketing. Click here for a FREE valuation.

Here are key strategies to heighten your property's visibility:

For Sale Board
Consider installing a For Sale board. Besides our advertisement, it serves as a signal to neighbours and passersby, potentially attracting interested parties or individuals in search of property in your Hounslow neighbourhood.

Email Campaigns
Utilize technology to share your property globally through a single click, maximizing exposure via email campaigns.

Direct Marketing and Property Matching
Leverage our extensive database of buyers and investors. We promptly inform potential buyers about your property through multiple communication channels, including emails, WhatsApp, SMS alerts, and social media, ensuring a targeted approach to serious and active buyers.

Website and Property Portals
Swiftly showcase your property on our website and national property portals, ensuring comprehensive online visibility.

Videos / Social media
Our impactful video walk-throughs and social media campaigns have proven highly successful. Beyond property websites, our aim is to reach as many local and surrounding individuals as possible. Through social media, we target potential buyers, maximizing exposure for your Hounslow property.

7Accompanied viewings

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we prioritize flexible viewing times to maximize opportunities for showcasing your Hounslow property. Understanding our clients' daily commitments, many prefer viewings after work or on weekends.

Our accompanied viewings not only showcase your property but also provide insights into your Hounslow property and the local real estate market, enhancing the potential for competitive offers. Client safety is paramount, and we never permit unaccompanied visits by prospective buyers.

8Receiving an offer

All offers will be communicated verbally and in writing. We meticulously validate offers and request proof of funds or engage with the buyer's mortgage advisor in advance to ensure their legitimacy. In scenarios with multiple offers, we provide guidance on the best course of action.

Our commitment is to secure the optimal price for your Hounslow property while unwaveringly representing your best interests throughout the transaction.

Remember, we work on your behalf when selling your Hounslow property, ensuring a dedicated and client-focused approach.

9Agreeing an Offer

Upon agreeing to an offer, we set a timeframe, typically 7 days, for a surveyor representing the buyer’s lender to inspect your Hounslow property.

This deadline is crucial for maintaining momentum in the process. Waiting weeks for a survey date isn't practical, underlining the importance of time in advancing the sale toward completion.

Our role doesn't conclude once a buyer is found; we guide the sale through to completion. Establishing timeframes ensures active participation from all involved parties, striving for a seamless journey to the finish line—the sale's completion.

During the survey period, it's vital to select or advise your Hounslow conveyancer to legally progress the sale. You'll need to furnish essential information through an information pack, enabling your solicitor to act on your behalf.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we maintain a panel of approved Conveyancers that we can recommend. Contact us at 02085778855 for further details.

The solicitor initiates by preparing the draft contract outlining the sale's terms, submitting it along with pertinent documents to the buyer’s solicitor. Subsequently, the buyer’s solicitor begins preliminary checks, reviewing Title Deeds, Lease (if applicable), and conducting local searches.

It's crucial to note that in England, an offer isn't legally binding. Until contracts are exchanged, the buyer retains the option to retract without financial consequences.

10Exchange of Contracts

At this juncture, both parties enter a legally binding commitment to the sale. Should the transaction collapse at this stage, the deposit stands forfeited. Contracts are signed by both parties, and the solicitor requests the buyer’s deposit. A mutually agreed-upon completion date is set between you and the purchaser. By default, unless otherwise arranged (e.g., simultaneous exchange and completion), the completion date can extend up to 28 days from the date of exchange.

11Time to prepare you move

Typically, both parties prefer a brief interval between the exchange of contracts and completion to facilitate their move. It's advisable to have already organized all packing and removal arrangements, notified relevant parties of your address change, and scheduled any disconnections or reconnections of services for your new residence. Keep in mind that on the completion date, legal ownership of the property transfers to the new buyers. Hence, allocate ample time to vacate the premises.

11Completion of Sale

Completion occurs upon the conclusion of all outstanding legal procedures and the transfer of remaining funds to your solicitor. Your solicitor will notify you once this process is finalized and will inform us for the key release.

Learn more about selling your property through Diamond Move Estate Agent. Click here for a FREE valuation in Hounslow.

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