Selling Process

Selling your property is a major step in anyone life. It can be stressful but it can be smooth. Here is a process to help you make this transaction as smooth as possible.


The property market is a complex market and requires a great deal of knowledge to understand the values and the variation of values between areas and even between roads. Generally, fluctuations really stem from supply and demand at the time you bring your property onto the market, but there are many other factors to consider too such as:

  • Location
  • Schools
  • Size
  • Condition

But most importantly the survey valuations being set in the area on properties like your own. At Diamond Move Estate Agent – our goal is to sell your property for as much as possible in the current market – as well as to strategize to reach your goal.

Buyers have a wealth of information available on the internet which they can get in seconds on their smart phone.

So don’t try fool a buyer by trying your luck at an over inflated asking price – as they will just ignore you all together.

Get an accurate Sale valuation, then use great marketing strategies to create demand for your property to get the max value for your home.

Contact Us for a FREE valuation and utilise our in-depth industry knowledge to your advantage. We will advise you on the best route to reach your goal.

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2Selecting an estate agent

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we believe our business is a people to people business.

Being a SELLER is kind of like having a business. You have something to sell -  and you need to employ the right staff to sell at the best price in the current market.

So when choosing an agent you want to look at their CV. Their CV being their reviews. You want to know how other people view and rate the agent you are potentially going to employ in your business to sell your property.

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Every agent will want to sell your property – but you want an agent that wants more to just sell and earn whatever commission they can – you want an agent that will work towards getting the best price in the current market and come up with an effective marketing strategy to reach your goal.

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3Obtain an EPC

When selling a property, you must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which rates the energy efficiency of a property and its carbon emissions. As of 6th April 2012, the EPC details should be displayed on all property particulars and it is now a legal requirement to provide an EPC for most properties in England and Wales.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we can assist you in obtaining this certificate at cost price from the engineer directly. Whether you pay us or the engineer directly the choice is yours.

4Instructing a solicitor (conveyancer)

This part of the process is the most important part – it is the part of the transaction that legally glides the sale through to completion.

You will need to decide who will do your conveyancing. (Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal process you must go through when buying or selling a home).

Conveyancing can be done by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer.

Find out what their fees are, what other legal costs are involved and when these are payable.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we have an approved panel of conveyancer that we can recommend if you do not have one.

5Presenting your property

Presentation is key when selling your property.

You want the buyer to want the property as soon as they walk in.

Start de-cluttering throughout the property – you will be surprised how much of an impact this can have when selling. By de-cluttering you are potentially showing the space your property offers.

We always advise if feasible to repaint the whole property in a light airy colour – our choice is white or light magnolia. This offers the property to have a spacious and bright look and feel which can give huge prospective to a buyer when viewing.

If you have gardens – get them trimmed, cut, and cleared – gardens are a big asset and you want to show it off as best you can.

For every viewing ensure your property is cleaned and looking tidy – It will give the buyer a better sense of how the property looks and they can best judge what works if any they will want to do as they walk around.

We need to avoid the buyer having negative feelings when viewing as it will only impact the outcome of getting offers.... or receiving nothing.

6Marketing your property

To find the right buyer your property needs maximum exposure across a wide range of media. We offer a range of important marketing benefits which will aid you in getting you the best possible price.

Gone are the days of putting an ad in the newspaper - the world revolves around the internet and social media; so to best showcase your property to potential buyer are utilising the power of the online arena to target the right people to showcase your property too.

To find out more about how we can assist you in marketing your property utilising online platforms and social media – click here for a FREE valuation

To raise the profile of your property we always recommend these following methods:

Erecting a For Sale board if possible
yes this is one way for us to advertise ourselves – lets be transparent – but it also helps with letting people on the same road or area know there is a property for sale. They themselves maybe interested or they may even know someone who may be interested – its one form of getting exposure to the sale of your property.

The basic world of technology now enables us to send your property all around the world with a simple click of a button.

Direct marketing / property matching
At Diamond Move Estate Agent we have an extensive database of buyers and Investors we will contact and inform them of your property within minutes of receiving your instructions. Any details will be sent via any methods of communication including emails, whats app, SMS alerts and social media. Targeting a direct market of registered applicants ensures we instantly talk to buyers who are serious and actively looking.

Website and property portals
Our website is updated instantly, and full details of your home will be placed as soon as details have been approved. In addition to advertising on our website, we also advertise through national property portals.

Videos / Social media
You may have seen a few of our video walk throughs... we hope – but we have had huge successes from our video walk throughs and social media campaigns. We don’t want to just tell people who visit property websites about your property, we want to reach out to as many people in the area and surrounding so we can to get you the maximum exposure you need to sell your property. We utilise the fast pace of social media to target your ideal buyer and let them know there is a property for sale that could be their new home.

7Accompanied viewings

Diamond Move Estate Agent believe that flexible opening times are essential to maximize viewing opportunities for your home. We know that our customers need to work around their usual daily commitments, resulting in a large number of our clients viewing after work or at weekends. Accompanied viewings allow us to share our expert knowledge on your property and local property market to achieve competitive offers. The safety of our clients is paramount therefore we never allow prospective buyers to visit un-accompanied. (Please note: all viewings will be in compliance to current government guidance)

8Receiving an offer

All offers will be reported both verbally and in writing and we will check all offers for their validity and ask for proof of funds or speak with their mortgage advisor prior. In the case of multiple offers, we will advise you on the best course of action.

We will always try to achieve the best possible price for your home and act in your best interests throughout the transaction.

Remember we are employed by you in your business in selling your property.

9Offer agreed

When you agree to an offer made. We then advise the buyer they have a certain amount of time usually 7 days to ensure we get contacted by a surveyor acting on behalf of the buyer’s lender to inspect your property.

We put this timescale in as time is of the essence and we cannot afford to wait weeks for a survey date.

(Our role does not end after we find a buyer - we now need to progress the sale through to completion. Setting time scales will ensure all parties are actively working to get to the finish line i.e. completion of sale)

While we are waiting for the survey you will need to advise or chose your conveyancer to legally progress the sale. You will be required to fill out information packs giving the solicitor all the important information they need to act on your behalf

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we have a panel of approved Conveyancers we can recommend – for more information we are just a call away on 02085778855

The solicitor will prepare the draft contract, which details the terms of the sale, and send it to the buyers’ solicitor together with all relevant documents. The buyer’s solicitor will then start the preliminary checks. The Title Deeds and Lease (if applicable) will be checked and local searches carried out.

Remember that in England an offer is not legally binding, so until contracts have exchanged your buyer could change their minds without financial loss.

10Exchange contracts

At this stage both parties become legally committed to the sale, and if it falls through from this point onwards then the deposit is forfeited. Contracts are signed by both parties and the solicitor requests the buyer’s deposit. A completion date is set and agreed upon by both you and the purchaser. Unless agreed otherwise (e.g. a simultaneous exchange and completion) the completion date can be anything up to 28 days from the date of exchange.

11Organise your move

Normally both parties will want a short period of time between exchange of contracts and completion to organise their move. If you haven’t done so already you should have arranged all packing and removal duties, informed everyone of your change of address and booked any disconnections/re-connections of services for your new home. Remember on the date of completion the property is legally owned by the new buyers so allow plenty of time to move out.


Completion occurs when all outstanding legalities have been completed and the balance of funds are transferred to your solicitor. The solicitor will let you know when this has happened and will inform us so that we can release the keys.

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