Auctions with Diamond Move

Auctions with Diamond Move


Unlock the Power of Auctions with Diamond Move Estate Agent in Hounslow

Traditional auctions remain a compelling choice for generating intense buyer competition, leading to swift contract exchange and completion within 28-31 days after the gavel falls. As your trusted estate agent in Hounslow, Diamond Move Estate Agent recognizes the potential benefits of auctions, particularly in London's vibrant real estate market.

However, assessing your property's suitability for a traditional auction involves careful consideration. Auction rooms often attract investors, with a smaller segment seeking residential properties. Placing your property in this setting, primarily filled with investors seeking deals, might not align with maximizing its value. Alternative methods, such as online auctions, contracted sales, or private treaties, could potentially yield higher prices for your property in Hounslow or London auctions.

Our dedicated team at Diamond Move Estate Agent specializes in tailoring sales methods to suit your unique property and goals. We're committed to assisting you in achieving optimal outcomes in today's dynamic market.

If the traditional auction route proves promising, our expertise in the London auctions scene allows us to connect you with the right auctioneer for maximum impact. Your property's success remains our primary focus.

Reach out to Diamond Move Estate Agent today at 02085778855 to explore your options or click here for a FREE valuation. Let us guide you toward the most effective sales method tailored to your Hounslow property.

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Landlord Process

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Selling Process

Selling your property in Hounslow is a pivotal moment. Amid potential stress, it also presents an opportunity for a smooth transition. Explore a tailored process crafted to streamline this transaction specifically in Hounslow and surrounding areas, ensuring a seamless experience.

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Online Auction / Auctions

Discover diverse selling avenues for your property! Delve into the world of online auctions and general auctions tailored for Hounslow. Call 02085778855 for detailed insights into maximizing your property's potential.

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Letting Fee Information

Refundable Holding deposit - Capped at 1 weeks rent

Security Deposit - Capped at 5 weeks rent for annual rental under £50,000, or 6 weeks rent for annual rental over £50,000

Rent - The agreed monthly rent

Changes to tenancy - Capped at £50 inc VAT

Early termination charge - Not exceeding the landlord’s financial losses

Late payment of rent- Interest of 3% above BoE base rate for each day the rent is late, once it is 14 days overdue

Replacement keys - Reasonable costs or give the tenant the option to purchase themselves

Utilities, council tax, communication services, TV Licence etc - Tenants own responsibility unless otherwise stated in contract

Fees may be charged on a per person or per property basis, please call us on 020 8577 8855