A guide to selling with Diamond Move

STEP 1 – Making that decision to Sell

Selling your property, whether it’s an investment or your home is one of the most important decision you will make. It’s most definitely a decision not to be taken lightly.

STEP 2 – Getting the Value of how much your property is worth in the current market

The most important way to sell your property is to offer it to potential buyers at the right price level. If you look on the property portals available to both buyers and sellers you will see hundreds of properties in your area available for sale. Some will be at the correct price level and others have been unfortunately overvalued.

It is important that you do not over value your property as this may result in your property not selling.

By calling Diamond Move Estate Agent you can be assured that you will be advised of exactly what level of value your property is worth. We use a number of tools to ascertain the value of your property and we will go through this with you.

We understand you want to achieve the maximum value for your property and together with you we will ensure we do everything we can achieve the maximum price under the current market conditions by using various methods of selling.

STEP 3 – Preparing your property for sale

First impressions count.

So when showcasing your property for sale to potential buyers, it’s important to ensure your property is well presented. This will be a good chance for you to go through your property and touch up any décor snags that may still need finishing or simply de-cluttering and a general tidy up. This may not seem to be important, however our advice is it may impact the amount of offers you receive and what price level they come in at.

STEP 4 – Start advertising your property

This is the moment where the thought of selling now becomes a reality. Your property will now be offered to the public for Sale.

Diamond Move Advertise on local and national portals to ensure your property is getting the maximum exposure it needs to attract potential buyers. Ensuring we take high quality pictures and provide floor plans is vital in attracting the right buyer for your property.

STEP 5 – Viewings

Before every viewing make sure that your property is well presented throughout to give the prospective buyer a view of its full potential.

When you have instructed Diamond Move to sell your property we ensure that all viewings are attended with our experienced Property Consultants. Our Consultants will have in-depth knowledge of the local market as well as your property, ensuring the prospective buyers has absolutely all information presented to them to consider in making an offer.

STEP 6 – Accepting an Offer

As and when we have offers coming in for your property, all offers will be submitted to you in writing as well as verbally. We always give everyone a chance who has viewed to make an offer before giving everyone who has offered the final chance in giving their best and final offer. This method helps in achieving the maximum offer being put forward.

Once you have agreed to an offer verbally, we will also request you to put this in writing to us i.e. via email. We will then proceed to accept the offer on your behalf.

STEP 7 – Conveyancing

When an offer is agreed we will require details of the Solicitors you wish to use to act on your behalf in order for us to prepare the memorandum of sale to be drawn up.

Should you need assistance with finding a suitable solicitor we can provide a quote from our approved panel of conveyancers.

Please note: you are under no obligation to use our panel of conveyancers.

STEP 8 – Prepare for your move

Moving is always stressful, so being organised and prepared will make the process much more stress free. So we advise that from when the conveyancers start progressing the sale we advise that preparation for the move start. Start to get in touch with removal companies to take that ease of moving you’re belongings to your new home much more stress free.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent we are on hand to assist you in making this final piece of your journey stress free. We are not here to just sell your property, we are also here to ensure you ease into your new journey without the stress that it can bring. For more information you can get in touch with us anytime throughout the sale

STEP 9 – Exchange

This is the time where all solicitors are satisfied with all enquiries and searches carried out and contracts between you and the buyers are exchanged via your solicitors. You will now be either hours or a few days away in having your property Sold.

These days you can exchange and complete simultaneously but on a few occasion a few days are needed between the exchange of contracts and completion. But this is something that your solicitors will advise best

STEP 10 – Completion


This is that time where your property is now successfully sold and monies are in account. This day will be a day full of emotions as you now embark on your new journey.